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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 28, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Yahoo Provides
    NOYDIR Opt-Out Of Yahoo Directory Titles & Descriptions

    Yahoo! Search Support for ‘NOYDIR’ Meta Tags and Weather Update from the Yahoo
    Search Blog covers how at long last, you can now tell Yahoo to not use Yahoo
    Directory information to make a title and/or description for your web page
    listings. It also cover how Yahoo’s currently doing a…
  • 40 Percent
    Frustrated With Video Search

    I’m generally suspicious of surveys that say things you’d expect them to say
    by the company that commissioned them. In this case, ClipBlast — a video
    search site — sends word of a survey covering frustration with video search.
    Still, I’ll pass along some stats and the press release, for…
  • Google Buying
    TV Scatter Units

    Google Lays Groundwork for TV Scatter Sales Sortie at Advertising Age reports
    that Google is looking to hire a head of national TV sales in New York and
    dive into their TV ad play with "scatter inventory," ads that aren’t sold well
    in advance. Google has been hiring TV engineers…
  • The SEOs Doing
    It In-House

    The Natural Search Blog has complied a list of prominent SEOs who work within
    a company, in house work, rather than working for firms that specialize in
    SEO. Often SEOs who work within a company do not get as much recognition as
    those who work at SEO firms. In fact,…
  • Are You Putting
    Web Search Results at Risk with Paid Advertising?

    If you bid on keywords for a term or phrase that you rank well for in a search
    engine, might your organic result be filtered in some instances, when your ad
    appears on the same page? A newly granted Microsoft patent is the first I
    recall seeing which discusses such…
  • Google Stepping
    Up Governmental Sales

    Google Searches For Government Work by the Washington Post has details on
    Google’s current and future government sales operations. Yesterday, Google
    started a two-day sales event aimed at the U.S. government. The event
    reportedly brought in "200 federal contractors, engineers and uniformed
    military members." Rob Painter, director of the Google…
  • Is Voice And
    Mobile Search Company TellMe For Sale?

    TechCrunch speculates that voice services and mobile local search provider
    TellMe is going to be sold to Microsoft. Right now this is unconfirmed rumor.
    But it would be a very interesting acquisition for Microsoft, and addition to
    their mobile local search/voice assets, if true. I’ve written more about this
  • Monitoring
    Buries At Digg

    Earlier this month, I wrote a long article looking at how some people at Digg
    might bury stories just because they disliked the topic rather than the story
    content itself. Indeed, many doing buries might not have read the article.
    Worse, they might use the bury reason of "spam" rather…
  • Google Maps
    Tailgates Yahoo, Microsoft With Real-Time Traffic Info

    Google Maps has caught up with Yahoo and Microsoft in adding live traffic
    reporting for the United States to their online mapping service. Google
    Operating System spotted the change today (and Google now has the official
    word up here). To see the traffic yourself, just go to Google Maps and…

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