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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 6, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Digg Friending
    101 & The Top Diggers List

    Last week Digg removed the "Top Diggers" list in order to help stop the
    manipulation and gaming of Digg, which resulted in a lot of commotion. Today,
    I wanted to take a fresh look to explain how the move may impact Digg’s
    "Friending" system and possibly allow more non-top…
  • What Yahoo’s
    Panama Update Means For Searchers

    Yesterday’s rollout of Yahoo’s new Panama search advertising ranking system
    has been both praised and criticized by advertisers (see Panama is LIVE! – for
    some and Yahoo’s Panama: The Switch Is Flipped on The New Ad System). Praised,
    because the new system is streamlined, easier to use and offers more…
  • Search Engine
    Land: January 2007 Statistics Review

    Time for the second monthly update on how Search Engine Land is growing. As I
    said with my review of December 2006 traffic, I hope our traffic statistics
    will be both interesting and also provide helpful tips to other search
    marketers. This review especially covers social media sites as a…
  • Google’s
    Debated Penalties & Filters Roundup

    Over the years, there have been dozens if not hundreds, of theories on
    possible Google penalties and filters being used in the Google ranking
    algorithms. Joe Whyte provides an excellent roundup of many of those filters
    and penalties that the search forums have debated over the years. I am not…
  • IAC Earnings
    Drop But Ask.com Grows

    Last night Ask.com’s parent company, IAC, reported earnings. Bloomberg reports
    that IAC’s profits dropped 98 percent in the fourth-quarter. The blame goes to
    the "entertainment coupon division." But Ask.com’s media and ad segment
    division did pretty well, showing a growth of 46 percent in revenue from
    $109.5 million in Q4…
  • Hook Linkbait
    With The Right Headlines

    Andy Hagan has published an in-depth look at his link baiting methods. In his
    analysis, he finds that the "single most important aspect of a link bait piece
    is its title." I have been hearing this for years, you can have excellent
    content but if your title isn’t link bait…
  • Google’s Pen
    Flatlines For Ask, Parody Of Recent Capacity Problems

    The Ask.com Blog made me laugh with their The Latest Google Flatline post. In
    that entry, Ask.com writes about the recent Google capacity issues reported at
    Techcrunch and describes how it is so true. In fact, they say that when they
    were using a Google pen, and it "ran out…
  • Keyword
    Research And Consumer Demand

    Kevin Delaney at the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) today has an
    interesting article that borrows a page from John Battelle’s "database of
    intentions" idea of search as a kind of repository for consumer demand, buzz
    meter and perpetual focus group all in one….

Search News Headlines From Elsewhere:

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