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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 8, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Why The SEO
    Folks Were Mad At You, Jason

    Jason Calacanis is riled up about SEO today, telling the world that "90% of
    the SEO market is made up of snake oil salesman" and still confused over why
    the "SEO folks" were mad at him when he said "SEO is bull" during our keynote
    conversation at SES Chicago last…
  • The State of
    Search Engine Marketing 2006

    Search marketing is thriving, according to SEMPO’s annual "State of Search
    Engine Marketing" survey, with North American advertisers spending $9.4
    billion on search engine marketing in 2006, a 62% increase over 2005 spending.
    SEMPO collected data on spending trends on paid placement, paid inclusion,
    organic search engine optimization (SEO)and SEM…
  • Will Google
    Remain ‘The Start Page For The Internet’?

    This subject is worthy of perhaps a 10,000 word New Yorker article. But this
    will just be a relatively short post based on some thinking following a
    meeting with Netvibes CEO Tariq Krim in San Francisco the other day….
  • Roundup Of
    Feedback On Yahoo’s Panama Release

    Yahoo launched their new ad-ranking algorithm "Panama" this past Monday. Since
    then, I have collected feedback from the search community on the release. Here
    is a collection of blog posts, forum posts and opinion on Yahoo’s new quality
    score factor:…
  • 3 Ranking
    Survival Tips For Google’s New Personalized Results

    The effects were subtle. The average person searching on Google probably
    didn’t notice. For most, the results of last Friday’s rollout of the
    long-tested, debated and awaited personalized search results for the masses
    was an entirely unremarkable event. For the search marketing industry, it was
    cataclysmic. In short, it’s a…
  • YouTube
    Founders & Investors Cash In Big Time

    YouTube’s Payoff: Hundreds of Millions for the Founders at the New York Times
    reports that Google released some of the details of the acquisition costs for
    YouTube. From the US Securities & Exchange Commission filing, we learned how
    much the founders actually made in the deal and the VC company…
  • Yahoo Pipes:
    Letting Non-Programmers Make Mashups & More

    Yahoo launched Yahoo Pipes, "an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator"
    enabling you to "create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant." It
    took me a deep read of Tim O’Reilly’s post to get an idea of what that
    actually meant. But since I can’t play with it myself at…
  • Searchforvideo
    Upgrades Design, Capabilities

    Video search service Searchforvideo has launched several new features today.
    From the press release: Searchforvideo 4.0 introduces a new website design
    across several popular video categories that simplifies finding popular online
    video clips from the world’s most trusted video publishers. The next
    generation site design is intended to promote brand…
  • Google Maps
    Sticker Spotted In London

    This Google sticker (on Flickr) was spotted in London. While it’s in some ways
    unremarkable and like any number of similar stickers (Michelin, Mobile Travel
    Guides, Citysearch, Zagat, etc.), it represents something of a shift for
    Google and a bit of a traditional marketing push. To my knowledge nobody

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