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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Jan. 11, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • SEMPO Board Of
    Directors Nominations Open

    SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, sends word that
    the organization has opened nominations for the 2007-2008 Board Of Directors
    election. Any SEMPO member can nominate another member or themselves through
    next Thursday, January 18, by 5pm Eastern. Nominations are accepted via email,
    through the member login section of the SEMPO web site. Actual elections will
    happen in mid-March. Here are the key dates that SEMPO sent me covering the
    process: January 8th through 18th, nominations for board candidates are
    accepted January 25th all confirmed nominees will be announced and their bios
    will be posted on the SEMPO web…
  • More Rounds In
    The "Is SEO Overrated" Debate

    The "Is SEO Overrated Or Rocket Science" debate continues. Sigh. OK, I give
    up. I guess we have to have this every two or three years. All the arguments
    I’m reading, I’ve read (or made before). But maybe that’s healthy in an
    industry where you always have new people coming in. I’ll give you the rundown
    on the latest leaders that are weighing in. And yes, it will be a kick-butt
    debate I’m also going to do for our first Search Marketing Expo this June.
    Kevin, Todd, Greg, Mike, Jeremy: I’ll be coming for you and others! For now,
  • January 2007
    Update On Google Indexing & Ranking Issues

    Google’s Matt Cutts has issued a weather report on Google indexing and ranking
    issues, which I’ll get into below. In addition, I’ll recap a number of Google
    concerns that I’ve noted over the past two or three weeks. I’ve been saving
    these to follow up on when I’m out at Google later this month. I’m meeting up
    with Matt and others from the search quality team in Mountain View, then with
    Vanessa Fox and others from Google Webmaster Central up in the Kirkland /
    Seattle office. So expect to hear back. And if you’ve got things you’d like me
  • Zuula Meta
    Search Engine

    Zuula is a multi/meta search engine that I noticed the other day. It provides
    access to search engines in the areas of Web, News, Images, Blogs and Jobs. It
    takes results from various different engines in each category, but mainly uses
    Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN. It works in a similar fashion to engines such as
    TurboScout, which is to say that it displays results from one search engine,
    searchers click on another engine tab and it displays results from that one
    and so on. It has a ‘recent search’ function, a few advanced search features
    (such as limiting to…
  • Search Engine
    Land: Top Stories & Stats, Jan. 10, 2007

    Back again with a daily stats and traffic review for Search Engine Land. When
    I did the first one yesterday, I warned this wouldn’t be a daily activity. But
    we had another record traffic day, including making the Delicious home page.
    That’s going to make for some nice comparison to Digg traffic for a future
    post. In the meantime, here’s are the top stories yesterday on Search Engine
    Land and what drove traffic to them, as well as some tips on Google Analytics
    and analytics from FeedBurner….
  • A Search Engine
    For Geriatrics

    Attention all you over-50 types: The folks behind new search engine Cranky.com
    think they’ve got just what you need to avoid search rage and information
    overload. The new service, which is really a select directory of 5,000 sites
    most popular among users 45 and older, simplifies search results by only
    presenting you four links and specially created annotations, along with ads
    served by partner Ask.com. Like many new search services cropping up these
    days, there’s also a social component, with "member" ratings and reviews. More
    coverage at CNN’s Tired of Google and Yahoo? Try Cranky.com, the AP’s New
    Search Engine…
  • The Social Side
    Of Trustrank

    A newly published patent application from Yahoo, Using community annotations
    as anchortext, provides a hint at some of the research and work that Yahoo is
    doing to incorporate user created tags, annotations, bookmarks, and social
    profiles into the way that they index and organize information, and rank that
    information. Danny asked me if I would mention a recent SEO by the Sea post
    here, where I went into some depth on the processes described in that
    document. It is at Social Trustrank and User Annotations as Anchor Text. One
    of the most interesting aspects the patent covers is how trustrank…

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