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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Jan. 17, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Where’s The
    Date In SearchCap Emails?

    I’ve had a couple readers ask me why the emails we send out for SearchCap
    don’t carry the date in the subject line. The answer is simple. Because we
    can’t. Not right now. But we will in the coming weeks, promise. SearchCap is
    mailed out through FeedBurner. They have a great system that automatically
    sends out your posts via email, to those who sign-up. Make a post, and later
    in the day they flawlessly turn that into an email newsletter. The problem is
    that the mailings don’t use the title of the post. If they did, you’d be
    getting subject…
  • Linkbait
    Articles & Is It Linkbait Or Link Bait?

    Eric Ward mentioned link baiting in his Link Week column this week, which
    first got me thinking, is it better to say linkbait or link bait? To answer, I
    did some searches, which in turn brought up some good articles on the topic.
    And now another good one has come out from Todd Malicoat. So here’s a rundown
    on a few linkbait articles and the "to linkbait" or "to link bait" decision I
    had to make….
  • Mapshark: A
    Search Engine For Mashups

    Since the advent of the Google and Yahoo (and more recently Virtual Earth)
    mapping APIs there are hundreds of developers and entrepreneurs who have built
    interesting and useful mashups. But how does one find them? Of course you
    could search on Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Live or look at some of the worthy
    blogs devoted to mapping such as Google Maps Mania or The Map Room. But you
    could also search Mapshark, pointed out to us by Philipp Lenssen. According to
    Philipp’s post the site was created by Alaska attorney Andrew Mitton, who says
    he’s only spent $100 on the…
  • Are Lower Case
    Titles In Yahoo Coming From Anchor Text

    At the last WebmasterWorld PubCon, there was a site clinic where one of the
    issues that came up was Yahoo not using the title tag for a specific site.
    Instead, Yahoo got titles for these pages in a place no one could figure out,
    and the titles were all in lower case. Recently, this has appeared to become
    more widespread and the forums are starting to discuss it. As Ben Pfeiffer
    noted at Search Engine Roundtable, there is a large WebmasterWorld thread on
    Yahoo replacing title tags titles with titles Yahoo possibly creates from the
    links (anchor text) pointing to…
  • Google Pushing
    Google Checkout More

    Google has sent out a promotion to Google Checkout Merchants, notifying them
    that all new Google Checkout customers get $10 from Google. Technically, this
    is a $10 sign up bonus, the details explain that if you sign up before
    February 15, 2007, and you are a new user to Google Checkout, you will get $10
    to spend at Google Checkout merchants until March 31, 2007….
  • Industry Moves:
    Peter Horan Goes To IAC

    Peter Horan, who was the About.com CEO until its acquisition by the New York
    Times and then moved west to head up small business portal AllBusiness.com,
    has now been appointed CEO of IAC Media & Advertising. According to the
    company, "The CEOs of the Media & Advertising businesses will now report to
    Mr. Horan, including Jim Lanzone of Ask.com, Briggs Ferguson of Citysearch,
    Richard Stalzer of IAC Advertising Solutions, and Scott Garell of IAC Consumer
    Applications and Portals."…
  • Advanced Local
    Search Optimization Tips

    Extreme Local Search Optimization Tactics by Chris Silver Smith of
    SuperPages.com at the Natural Search Blog has given us seven "extreme" local
    SEO tips we might try in our local SEO campaigns. Here they are in short….
  • Wired Looks At
    Yahoo Failures Over The Years

    How Yahoo Blew It by Wired, tells the story of Yahoo’s failures over the past
    years. The article starts off explaining that Yahoo could of bought Google,
    but Google turned down the $3 billion offer made by Yahoo. The article then
    summarizes Google recent success after their IPO and says, "And what must
    infuriate Semel: This could have been Yahoo."…
  • Q&A With Gabe
    Rivera, Creator Of Techmeme

    Over the past decade, I’ve seen a lot of search tools that were supposed to
    transform my life. Few of them have. But Techmeme was one of those. When it
    kicked off back in September 2005, I wrote a review, gave it a preliminary
    thumbs-up and soon found myself addicted. It has become my newspaper, my front
    page guide to what’s going in the blogosphere relating to tech. I met Techmeme
    creator Gabe Rivera in person for the first time last August, during the
    Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. I roped him into being on the
    Meet The…
  • Search Engine
    Land: Top Stories & Stats, Jan. 16, 2007

    Time for another daily stats review, since yesterday was our second busiest
    ever non-Digg day. Below a look at the top stories that sent us traffic, along
    with tips and suggestions on how you might do the same….
  • Q&A Land: New
    Column From Search Engine Land

    One of my resolutions in starting Search Engine Land was to spend more time
    doing Q&As with people. There’s no better way to ensure I do that than to
    start a column. So I’m happy to announce that Q&A Land becomes the second
    column offered by Search Engine Land. Unlike Link Week, which started this
    week and runs on Mondays, Q&A Land is a "floating" column. It will happen once
    per week, but the actual day might change. I won’t be doing Q&A Land alone.
    Chris Sherman will also be writing for it, and from time-to-time we may have
  • comScore: Email
    Top Reason For Mobile Internet Access

    Just released from comScore is a new wireless report that captures a range of
    metrics and attitudes from U.S. mobile users. Here’s the press release. Among
    the key findings were the following: 14% of users have given up their
    landlines 33% strongly agree they "feel lost" without their cell phone 17%
    subscribe to wireless Internet service…
  • SEMPO Hits 500
    Members, Wants Your Input On State Of SEM Survey

    The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) announced today
    that it has 500 individual and corporate members in more than 20 countries.
    SEMPO also opened its 2006 annual survey focusing on the state of search
    engine marketing throughout the world. The 2006 Survey will include
    participants from Europe this year. Results of the survey will be presented at
    the London Search Engines Strategies Conference in February. The survey is
    open to all search marketers, whether SEMPO members or not. Click here to
    learn more about the survey or to add your voice to this useful snapshot of
    the industry….
  • Vizu Seeking To
    ‘Democratize’ Market Research

    The Internet is awash in data, so much data in fact that one can find numbers
    on just about any subject. Yet primary research can be very expensive and
    cumbersome. There are inexpensive polling tools such as Zoomerang or Survey
    Monkey, which offer a cost-effective way to survey users. But the methodology
    doesn’t produce statistically significant results. Then there are a range of
    firms that will do online surveys/focus groups. Those can yield results with
    more statistical "integrity," but they cost more too. Now comes an interesting
    twist on the "Answers" social media phenomenon: Vizu, a San Francisco company

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