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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Jan. 2, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • YouTube’s “Content Identification System” Delay May Hurt Google’s Plans
    YouTube software threat to Google plans by the Financial Times shows that an anticipated software release by YouTube to crack down on pirated videos with an “content identification system” software was delayed…
  • More Google Q&A Spam
    Nathan Weinberg spotted Google Q&A spam yesterday for a search on how tall is paris. The results led to an adult site (I saw it myself yesterday), but have now been plugged. This is not the first time Google…
  • Google Patches Serious Gmail Contacts Bug
    Via Threadwatch, Engadget’s summary of a serious bug in Google’s Gmail, where web sites can retrieve your Gmail contact list, through a JavaScript loophole, has now been fixed. The bug allowed web sites to pull…
  • Google To Make Stronger Effort With Blogging & Communication In 2007?
    Over the new years weekend, there have been a lot of posts about Google and their blogs and bloggers. I think Matt Cutts sums it up pretty well with his the real lesson from this week post. In short, Google Pushing…
  • Google’s Manhattan Office Attractive & Inviting
    Can Google Come Out to Play? by the New York Times has a detailed look at Google’s Manhattan office. The article shows Googlers inviting their friends over to play Guitar Hero, the free food and snacks, the fun and…
  • New Duplicate Content and Mapping Patents from Google – January 2, 2007
    Google was granted new patents this week on a methods for estimating similarity between web pages and documents which may help to filter duplicate content, and upon a digital mapping system which appears…
  • 14 “Is Google Evil?” Tipping Points Since 2001
    Earlier I wrote how Google seems to have had a bad week, with some recent negative publicity making it seem like the tipping point of Google becoming the big bad company they don’t want to be happening — at least…
  • Search Month: December 2006 Search News, In Review
    Welcome to the first edition of Search Month! Search Month is a monthly newsletter that recaps stories we’ve covered on Search Engine Land over the past month. It’s also available by feed here. On to the recap…

Search News Headlines From Elsewhere:

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