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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Jan. 25, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • 3 Ways To Use Your Competition To Build Links & Targeted Traffic
    The idea of using your competition to build links, trust and reputation and benefit from the knock on effect of better search engine rankings as a result may seem alien to many. Savvy web marketers have been doing this for years, however. Bloggers often do it without even realizing it…

  • Google AdSense Tests New Features: My Publishers, Ad Placement & Message Inbox
    Google AdSense has launched three new features overnight, some of the features are available to everyone and some are a limited test. My Publishers: The most interesting feature was spotted by Media Viper where he shows that Google has added a “My Publishers” tab to his AdSense console. The My…

  • Google Video Search Now Includes YouTube Results
    Google just announced that Google Video Search now includes YouTube video results. For example, a search on michael jordan in Google Video, brings back many results from YouTube already. Here is a screen capture: The remainder of the press release discusses how Google will keep YouTube as an “independent subsidiary”…

  • Google To Share Bugs & Bombs At Google Testing Blog
    Philipp Lenssen reports that Google launched a new blog named the Google Test Blog. The Welcome to the Google Testing Blog by Google Engineer, Allen Hutchison, explains that Google will be sharing their debugging and testing experiences with the public….

  • Fox Subpoenas Google’s YouTube For Identity Of User Who Uploaded “24” Video
    Steve Bryant broke the story that Fox subpoenaed both Google owned YouTube and LiveDigital for the name of the individual who uploaded the full four hours of the premier of 24. The premier was reportedly posted prior to the live airing of the show and Fox reportedly found out about…

  • Search Search Marketing Blogs With A Google CSE
    Todd Malicoat created a new Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) seeded by Lee Odden’s comprehensive list of must read search marketing blogs. You can access Todd’s Google CSE over here, I like some of the results so far. Todd, also added the search box to his right side navigation, just…

  • Speculation: The Google Search Results Page With Google Video Ads
    Allen Stern designed a mock up of what it would look like, if Google added their Google Video ads to the Google search results page. It is pretty funny and you would hope that Google would never take it this far. The inspiration for Allen Stern’s design was based on…

Search News Headlines From Elsewhere:

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