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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Jan. 8, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Court OKs
    Narrow Use of Competitor Trademarks in Search Ads & Meta Tags

    A U.S. District Court has ruled that the use of keyword-triggered ads and
    keyword metatags using trademarked terms cannot confuse consumers if the
    resulting ads/search results don’t display a competitor’s trademarks. This is
    a narrow ruling and doesn’t give search marketers carte-blanche to use
    trademarked terms. Rather, it means it’s OK to bid on a trademarked search
    term that triggers an ad that does not contain the trademark. Similarly, it’s
    OK to use trademarks in meta tags, as long as the trademarks don’t show up on
    search result pages. Eric Goldman over at the Technology and Marketing blog
    has more…
  • Open Letter To
    Wikipedia Editors: Yes, Matt Cutts Is Notable

    Dear Wikipedia Editors: I came back from vacation today to discover that in
    (some of) your infinite crowd wisdom, apparently the page at Wikipedia about
    Google’s Matt Cutts might get deleted. Wow. It’s inept things like this that
    can instantly reduce any respect I have for Wikipedia that builds up over
  • Advertisers
    Cutting Google AdWords Spending With Surge of Keyword Prices

    Most Google AdWords advertisers have been facing the problem of rising pay per
    click prices. But while in the past many advertisers have gone with the
    increased prices as the cost of doing business on AdWords, recently more
    advertisers have decided to significantly cut their AdWords spending because
    many of the keyword prices have resulted in advertisers being priced out of
    profitability. Marketwatch recently spoke with six advertisers who all spent
    between $4 million and $10 million in 2006 who plan to spend less in 2007….
  • LinkedIn
    Answers Launched

    Now joining the questions answering game is LinkedIn, with its new LinkedIn
    Answers service, just two days old. Jason Calacanis pinged me about it just
    via instant message, saying he loves it. Sequoia Capital is an investor in
    LinkedIn — and Jason now works for Sequoia — so you can easily assume some
    interest in giving me a heads-up. But then again, I don’t disbelieve him
    saying he loves it. Jason pointed over to Who’s are the top 10 web designer in
    the world today? that he posted a day ago and says he got great answers. I
    couldn’t judge,…
  • An Open Letter
    to Paid Search Networks

    Search marketer and "recovering attorney" Jeff Rohrs has published The Sausage
    Manifesto, an open letter to paid search providers asking critical questions
    about billing practices, transparency, click fraud and other issues. He asks a
    number of pointed questions, then lists eleven requests that he says failure
    to respond to could damage the industry. His requests: 1. Talk, Don’t Lecture
    2. Appreciate Our Unique Circumstances 3. Invest in Proportion to the Problem
    4. Acknowledge that Tracking Alone Is Not the Answer 5. Improve Click Quality
    Customer Service 6. Build a Click Quality Education Resource Center 7. Light a
    Fire Under the…
  • Search Engine
    Land: December 2006 Statistics Review

    As promised, here’s the first in regular monthly updates on how Search Engine
    Land is growing. I hope the traffic statistics look will be both interesting
    to the curious and informative about how various places can turn into traffic
    generators. For December 2006, we had about 93,000 page views, or about 4,400
    page views per day. Actually, those are "AdViews," the number of times ads
    were shown as reported by our ad serving software. We only began showing ads
    from December 11 onward, so I have to turn to our Google Analytics statistics
    to talk about the entire month. Let’s…
  • Jimmy Wales
    Interviewed Live On BBC Radio Five Live

    Jimmy Wales was interviewed live on the BBC Simon Mayo programme this
    afternoon. It was an interesting conversation, mainly centred on the Wikipedia
    obviously, and geared towards an audience who wouldn’t be expected to know
    much about the subject. The interview started about 30 minutes into the
    programme and you should be able to catch it for a couple of days in the
    archive (linked from the webpage) before it disappears. I have done a quick
    attempted verbatim report on it in my weblog though cannot entirely vouch for
    its accuracy 100%, but it might be of some interest….
  • Search Engine
    ChaCha Announces $6 Million Round

    Led by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ Bezos Expeditions, social search engine ChaCha
    announced that it had secured a $6 million funding round. ChaCha launched in
    Q3 last year and employs a network of live guides (college students, stay at
    home parents, retirees) to help answer user queries in real time in addition
    to providing traditional algorithmic search. Here’s my most recent write up on
    the engine from November. Given its network of distributed guides, ChaCha is
    one of the more interesting recent search launches. While it started out quite
    slowly, the service and functionality have been getting much better….
  • Yahoo
    Introduces Yahoo Go 2.0, Mobile Search & Other Apps

    Last year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Yahoo Chairman Terry Semel
    introduced Yahoo Go, an initiative seeking to push and integrate Yahoo content
    beyond the desktop on mobile devices and TV. According to the Wall Street
    Journal (subscription required) the company is going to introduce an upgraded
    version of Go for mobile today at this year’s CES (Postscript: Yahoo Go 2.0 is
    now up):…

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