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SearchCap: The Day In Search, July 11, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Yahoo
    Celebrates "Ultimate Connection" Search Marketing Awards

    Yesterday, the Yahoo Search Marketing team honored three small business owners
    at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ as part of the Yahoo!
    Ultimate Connection Contest. Of over 10,000 applicants, five finalists were
    chosen, and of those five, three special individuals, Glen Halliday of Kids
    Crooked House, Mike Willner…
  • Search Spam
    Fight – Mahalo: 1; Squidoo: 0

    Last week, Jason Calacanis of Mahalo renewed his campaign from earlier this
    year against Squidoo as a source of search spam. This time, he appears to have
    gotten a result. Despite Squidoo’s belated plea that it would clean things up,
    Google seems to have penalized Squidoo. Below, a timeline…
  • Want To See The
    Latest Movies For Free? Use Google Video, Complains Watch Group

    Watchdog group flags top pirated films on Google Video from News.com covers a
    report by the National Legal & Policy Center named Is Google Promoting Video
    Piracy? In this report, they documented fifty cases of movies and other
    copyrighted material being uploaded and accessible via Google Video for free.
  • Google’s
    Wireless Spectrum Proposal To Win In FCC

    FCC Draft Auction Rules A Win For Google, Hi-Tech Industry from CNN Money
    reports that Google’s wireless spectrum proposal gained backing from FCC
    chairman Kevin Martin. Ultimately, this could see Google buying wireless
    broadcast rights. The USA Today article, New rules could rock wireless world,
    explains part of the proposal…
  • Google Mapplets:
    Google Endorses Mashups, Makes Some More Interactive

    The Google Lat Long Blog announced a new feature available on Google Maps that
    enables you to add "Mapplets" directly on the "My Maps" section. These
    Mapplets, often referred to as mashups, allow you to add data on top of the
    maps. Some of the data overlays include real estate…
  • Moving Your
    Site? How Quickly Do Search Engines Catch Your 301 Redirect

    Most webmasters dread moving a site from one domain to a new domain and would
    do whatever they can to avoid it. However, sometimes you cannot avoid making
    the move. In these cases, what are the various strategies you can use to
    reduce the SEO concerns with making this move?…
  • Best Practices
    For Corporate Domain Name Management

    While a decent percentage of the global business community has become aware of
    the importance of search engine marketing, very few businesses seem know about
    the best practices surrounding the purchasing and ownership of web site domain
    names (e.g. when to purchase, what to purchase, etc.). Unlike SEO problems,
  • How To Optimize
    B2B Pay Per Click In Four Hours A Week, Part 1

    In a typical B2B company, the job of managing pay per click campaigns is given
    to someone in the demand generation or business development team. For this
    person, managing PPC is at best a part time job, squeezed in around managing
    webinars, email campaigns, field events, whitepaper creation, and…
  • SEO For
    Seasonal Promotions

    The need to promote an annual event occurs… that’s right: once a year, every
    single year. Yes, each event comes and goes. But unlike the real world, where
    we just celebrated our annual Independence Day holiday here in the U.S.,
    there’s no need to pop all the balloons and tear-down…

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