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SearchCap: The Day In Search, July 16, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • The Coke Vs. Pepsi Challenge: Who Redirects Better?
    Both Coca-Cola and Pepsico have seen fit to set up redirects on their homepage URLs—a very common practice among commercial websites. Classically, search optimization experts have advised clients that if their sites perform redirects on pages, they should use only server-side redirection, and it should ideally be a 301 redirect…

  • See Google Results From Any Country With Firefox Extension
    RedFly Marketing developed a Firefox extension that enables you to see Google search results from any country. It is well known that Google will change the search results for a keyword phrase based on the country you are searching in. This new Firefox extension easily allows you to see the…

  • Microsoft adCenter Adds Negative Keywords To Campaign Level
    Microsoft announced that they now are allowing advertisers to use the negative keywords feature at the campaign level. This way, you can apply a negative keyword to all the ad groups within the campaign, as opposed to adding the negative keyword to each and every ad group….

  • SuperPages Taps 1-800-Free411 For Mobile Distribution
    Jingle Networks’ 1-800-Free411 and Idearc’s SuperPages have announced a distribution deal whereby SuperPages advertisers and will be accessible to Free411 callers. This is significant for both companies. It gives SuperPages strong mobile distribution for its advertisers, as part of a larger local search network. It also provides Jingle Networks with…

  • Google Sitemaps Offers New Warnings Within Webmaster Central
    The Google Webmaster Central Blog announced new warning notifications that are now being displayed to Google Sitemaps with minor problems. Previously, Google showed any problem, be it large or small, as an error. Now small issues that are “confusing or inaccurate” are considered “warnings” and large issues that render your…

  • Google Places Graphical Ads On Search Results Page
    I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable on a WebmasterWorld thread that shows Google is showing a graphical ad for the search jason bourne….

  • Local Is Social By Definition
    Several years ago I was having lunch in a restaurant in New York with a couple of Yahoo executives, discussing the challenge of motivating people to rate local businesses. Yahoo was way ahead of the online curve back then, although now ratings and reviews of local businesses are seemingly…

  • The Link Saboteurs, And Why They Will Ultimately Fail
    There’s an interesting thread over at SEOmoz about how some unscrupulous marketers will try to sabotage a competitor’s web site by engaging in social media communications and link seeding/spamming tactics that they hope will spark a rash of bad publicity, and maybe even trigger some sort of rankings and/or…

  • Ask.com: Today’s Google Free Alternative
    Today’s the day we’re encouraging people to try Ask.com as part of our Google Free Fridays in July. But why is it happening on a Monday? Because I’m a day behind, as I explained last Friday. Shush, you! What’s that? Why do we hate Google so much to be promoting…

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