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SearchCap: The Day In Search, July 17, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google AdSense Launches Site Authentication Feature
    The Inside AdSense blog announced that they have launched a new feature named “Site Authentication.” The Site Authentication feature enables you to give the AdSense crawler access to your login-protected pages. All you need to do is provide AdSense with your username and password information. Then the AdSense crawler will…

  • Google’s Research Director Peter Norvig On ‘The Future Of Search’
    MIT’s Technology Review published an interview with Google Director of Research Peter Norvig that explores his (and presumably Google’s) thinking about problems in search and “next-generation” search functionality that Google is working on. There’s nothing strikingly new in the interview but it’s an interesting overview and window into some of…

  • Load Me Up: Should You Expand Your Retail Niche?
    Hi. It’s mid-July, so as typically happens to me every year at this time, my left brain has gone on vacation. It’ll be back before too long as I work on a column about finding more click volume for your campaign when it just doesn’t seem possible. In the…

  • SEO Tips & Tactics From A Wikipedia Insider
    I am a Wikipedia administrator, and I specialize in complex investigations. When Jonathan Hochman suggested I write an article for Search Engine Land he mentioned that this publication and its readers regard Wikipedia as a search engine. It probably comes as no surprise that my spine stiffens at that…

  • More Info On Google’s Unavailable After Meta Tag & New X-Robots-Tag In Header Support
    Last week we reported, Google To Add “Unavailable After” META Tag. We spoke to Dan Crow of Google, who has now confirmed to us this tag is coming soon. He also gave us examples on how this works, as well as more features coming to the Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP)….

  • Google Health To Create The Personal Health Record?
    Taking the temperature on Google Health from News.com has Vince Kuraitis principal and founder of healthcare consultants Better Health Technologies, predicting that Google will develop a personal health record. Right now, health records for an individual reside in many locations and it is rare for the patient to know all…

  • Tudou.com, China’s Online Video Site, Adds Video Ads
    China’s YouTube Adds Ads reports that Tudou.com, known as the YouTube of China, has announced they will be adding an advertising platform that will allow advertisers to place ads in their videos. The ads are going to be brand advertisements and can be targeted based on specific location and behavioral…

  • Search Illustrated: Multi-Pronged SEM Tactics
    What’s the best way to optimize a web site? What best practices should be followed for a search advertising campaign? There are no “absolute” answers to these and other questions that often arise when search marketers are explaining approaches and processes to clients. Multi-pronged tactics often work best, and…

  • WSJ: New Mobile Content Search From Google Coming Soon
    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is preparing to launch a more structured mobile search capability and index for mobile content that may also include social networking features. According to the article: Google Inc. is developing a new search service for cellphones that will help consumers find and…

  • Google Launches Custom Search Business Edition
    Google has announced a beefed-up version of Google Custom Search, a site search product aimed at small and medium sized businesses. The new service is hosted by Google, and offers all of the same functionality of the free Google Custom Search product, with a few key differences:…

  • Microsoft Office Live To Let Customers Purchase Ads On Ask.com
    Ask Sponsored Listings is going to be added to Microsoft Office Live’s adManager Beta search advertising service. This is reportedly the first time in five years that two of the top five search engines have joined together to offer search engine ads to advertisers. This will enable those using Microsoft’s…

  • comScore Also Reports Microsoft Search Search Rise
    That rise in Microsoft’s search share that Compete reported last week? Now the latest figures from comScore report the same — that Microsoft’s Live Search Club significantly increased traffic to Windows Live Search. First the numbers, which shows the percentage of searches in the United States handled by each major…

  • “Google Promotion” Now Used To Flag Google’s Bourne Ultimatum Video Ads
    Google has just informed me that they have added the label, “Google Promotion” to the Bourne Ultimatum video ads they have been running. They said they made this change to “make it more clear that this is not one of our objective search results or an ad, but an experiment…

  • Google Shortens Cookie Expiration Date
    The Google Blog announced they would be shortening the expiration date from the year 2038 to a two-year life cycle. If you go to Google.com, Google will set the new cookie to last 2 years from that date. If you go back there tomorrow, Google will extend that cookie to…

  • Answers.com To Buy Dictionary.com For $100 Million
    Answers Corp has reached an agreement to buy Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com and Reference.com from Lexico Publishing Group, LLC for $100 million. These properties attracted 11.5 million unique monthly users in the U.S. during the month of June 2007 according to comScore. They generated revenues of $7 million, EBITDA of $2.9 million…

  • Want A Free Pass To SMX Local & Mobile?
    Our next Search Marketing Expo conference focuses on local and mobile search engine marketing, in Denver on Oct. 1 and 2—a beautiful time of year here in Colorado. As with our filled-to-capacity SMX Advanced show, we are limiting attendance, and once the show is sold out it’s sold out. You…

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