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SearchCap: The Day In Search, July 25, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Digg Buries
    Google AdSense For Microsoft Ads

    Digg has dropped Google as its ad provider in exchange for for a three-year
    exclusive ad deal with Microsoft. Microsoft will be providing the display and
    contextual advertising on Digg’s popular social news site, with traffic
    estimated at over 17 million unique monthly visitors. The switch over will
    take place…
  • Networking: The
    In-House Search Marketer’s Most Powerful Tool

    You are a pillar. You are on an island. You are alone – a stranger in your own
    land. Such is the life of an in-house SEM. Or is it? True, you may be the only
    one in your company talking your talk and walking your walk, but you…
  • CA & Yahoo Team
    Up To Offer Co-Branded Yahoo Toolbar

    CA and Yahoo have teamed up to offer a co-branded version of the Yahoo
    Toolbar. This Yahoo Toolbar will be bundled in all CA Home/Home Office
    products. CA Anti-Spyware will continue to power Yahoo’s anti-spyware feature
    in the toolbar. From the press release:…
  • Advocacy Group
    Sues Over North Carolina’s Incentives To Woo Google

    Suit filed against state Google incentives from Triangle Business Journal
    reports that the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law has filed a
    lawsuit to challenge the incentives given to Google to build a server farm in
    North Carolina. The advocacy group claims the incentives violate various laws
    and provisions in…
  • Report: Search
    Most Popular Online Marketing Strategy For Realtors

    Real estate website and publisher Inman.com has put out a new report called
    The State of Real Estate Marketing. It’s based on results from an online
    survey of US real estate professionals, which had a total of 770 respondents.
    The survey found that search engine marketing was the most popular…
  • Microsoft
    Scores Video Game Ad Deal With EA

    Microsoft, EA sign sports game ad deal from Reuters reports Microsoft signed a
    video game ad deal with Electronic Arts. Microsoft will feed EA’s games, such
    as Madden, NASCAR, Tiger Woods, NHL and Skate, with advertisements. Cory Van
    Arsdale, chief executive of Massive, a game ad company Microsoft bought
  • From The SEO
    Trenches: Google Bans Immortality, But College Students Party With Cialis

    Google’s Matt Cutts explained in a blog post why Google has banned Alex Chiu’s
    web page selling an immortality device. It’s not that Google wants to help
    hide the secret of immortality, as Chiu claims. Rather, it’s because of
    massive and irrelevant keyword stuffing. Meanwhile, Erik Dafforn showed how
  • FCC: Nice
    Ideas, Google — But We Don’t Like All Of Them

    FCC shuns Google plans for open mobile network from Computer Business Review
    reports that US Federal Communications Commission chair Kevin Martin likes
    Google’s wireless spectrum bid proposal but is not a fan of all of Google’s
    requirements. Google said they would bid $4.6 billion on the wireless
    spectrum, if the…
  • What’s Google
    Doing At An MVNO Show?

    Gary Price noticed and notified us that Google’s Sumit Agarwal is speaking at
    an MVNO conference. MVNO stands for mobile virtual network operator. Bankrupt
    (and likely soon to close) Amp’d Mobile is one example; Helio ("don’t call us
    a phone company") is another. Yahoo is reportedly also going to be…
  • Live Search Now
    Supporting Sitemaps Autodiscovery Via Robots.txt File

    This morning I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable that Microsoft Live
    Search is finally now supporting sitemaps via autodiscovery. Microsoft will
    only use your sitemaps file if it is listed in your robots.txt file. You
    cannot currently ping Microsoft or upload your sitemaps file to Microsoft….
  • UK Survey Shows
    Public Expects Google To Remain Search Leader

    An online survey of approximately 1,100 people in the UK commissioned by
    bigmouthmedia found that 61% of respondents believed that Google would still
    be the leading search engine in five years. When asked "Do you want Google to
    be the leading search engine in five years time?" the response was…
  • Yahoo & Others
    Form Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse

    Brand Owners on Web Offensive from Red Herring reports that Yahoo, Dell, Coca
    Cola, Hilton and others have joined together to fight cybersquatting. The
    companies formed a collation against cybersquatters named Coalition Against
    Domain Name Abuse. Cybersquatters purchase domain names that are similar to
    trademark names, such as yahooemail.com and…
  • B2B Search
    Marketers: Keep It Simple

    What! No webcasts, demos or podcasts available for download on your site?
    Worried you’re getting left in the dust by more savvy digital marketers? Don’t
    despair. Business buyers continue to show a preference for fast and simple
    online information…

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