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SearchCap: The Day In Search, June 12, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web. But before the news, a request!

When Online Marketing Blog had a
poll for best
search podcast recently, I was one of the few that did NOT beg, plead or cajole
listeners to vote for my Daily SearchCast
show. I should have, because we went from a strong natural lead in first to
dropping to fourth.

Fine, the gloves are off with the latest poll, for best search marketing
newsletter. Barry and I slave away at SearchCap each day. Take a minute and give
us your vote, if you would — no registration required. You can vote

From Search Engine Land:

  • Can You Get By
    Without Google & Major Search Engines?

    There are two projects going on today to see if we can survive without the
    major search engines. The first project is for searchers, to see if they can
    search alternative search engines without using the five major engines. The
    second project is for search marketers, to see if they…
  • Google Responds
    To EU: Cutting Raw Log Retention Time; Reconsidering Cookie Expiration

    In response to an EU letter over data retention, Google has announced that it
    will now anonymize server log data after 18 months, rather than the previous
    maximum time it had announced of 24 months. It is also reconsidering how long
    its cookies last. It’s nice to see Google make…
  • Google
    Webmaster Tools Adds Paid Link Reporting Form & More

    The Google Webmaster Central blog announced the addition of a few new features
    to Webmaster Central Tools. The main feature is a new form where you can
    report paid links that you find on various sites. This feature was discussed
    at the Search Marketing Expo conference, and has already been…
  • Got A Google
    Penalty? A Workflow For Managing Google Penalties

    How to Handle a Google Penalty – And, an Example from the Field of Real Estate
    from Rand Fishkin has a nifty little chart explaining how to handle a Google
    penalty. The flow chart takes you through several questions, and based on a
    yes or no answer, different steps are…
  • Stockholders
    Vote Down Yahoo’s CEO Compensation Cut & China Censorship Proposal

    Yahoo shareholders defeat exec pay/perform link from Reuters reports Yahoo’s
    shareholders have voted down a proposal to effectively cut Yahoo’s CEO salary
    down and a proposal to practice anti-censorship policies in China….
  • Google, Intel
    And Others Join Greener Computing Effort

    Google announced that it and many other computer and Internet heavyweights
    have joined together in the global Climate Savers computing initiative
    launched by the World Wildlife Federation. The idea is to improve the
    efficiency of computer hardware and data centers so that they require less
    power and give off less…
  • How To Convince
    Giant Corporations To Embrace Social Media

    During the "Better Ways" panel last week at SMX someone in the audience asked
    for advice on convincing big corporations to embrace social media marketing.
    At the time my answer was that there would be a lot of education involved and
    you should also let them know that you’ll…
  • Podzinger Is
    Now EveryZing

    Following in the recent footsteps of Technorati, which morphed into a
    multi-media search engine, podcast search engine Podzinger has added video and
    rebranded itself EveryZing, a stronger and (paradoxically) less confusing
    brand. Google introduced video into Google.com results with the roll out of
    Universal Search and the new Ask3D prominently…
  • Search
    Illustrated: SEO For eCommerce

    When a searcher has reached the point of typing an extremely explicit,
    product-oriented query into the search box, the odds are good that they’re
    ready to buy. For example, I’m just about ready to purchase a Kodak Easy Share
    V705 digital camera. A few weeks ago, my searches were…
  • Patent Suit Has
    Broad Implications For Local Search

    Wired is reporting on a lawsuit filed in US District Court in Texas against
    Verizon and its now spun-off directory division Idearc. The suit (PDF file)
    claims infringement of patent 5,930,474, "Internet organizer for accessing
    geographically and topically based information." This goes to the essence of
    many if not most…
  • Google Wants To
    Make TV Ads Less "Annoying"

    Google’s Campaign Against Bad Commercials from Internetnews.com reports Kim
    Malone, the director of Google AdSense, as saying she wants to make TV ads
    less "annoying." When Kim Malone was questioned on how Google plans on taking
    the "non-intrusive" nature of search ads and contextual ads to the TV ad
  • YouTube Ready
    To Test "Fingerprinting" Video Tool

    YouTube to test video ID with Time Warner, Disney from Reuters reports that
    Google’s YouTube is ready to begin testing their video fingerprinting tool on
    Time Warner and Walt Disney video content. The tool will be ready for testing
    in a month and will help prevent copyrighted materials from making…
  • Search Ads &
    Contextual Ads Are Different! You Need To Treat Them Separately

    The major PPC engines offer the ability for advertisers to show their ads on
    both search and content networks. However, those networks are very different
    from a consumer engagement process, and they should be treated very
    differently. To provide a quick recap, with the search network, an advertiser
  • Google AdWords
    Adds Placement Performance Reports Showing Content Network Data To Advertisers

    Google, as expected, has added a new report type to give AdWords advertisers
    the ability to see the exact sites their ads are displaying on within Google’s
    content network. These Placement Performance reports will detail the domain,
    URL, impression, click, conversion and cost data for each site an ad

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