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SearchCap: The Day In Search, June 27, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Wired Mag Waxes Wordy About Maps & Local
    First, for map and online mapping lovers, there is the piece, Google Maps Is Changing the Way We See the World, an interesting survey of the history of the mapping at Google, mashups, mapping APIs, Google’s acquisition of Keyhole (now Google Earth) and user-generated content on maps (My Maps). Then…

  • Internal Microsoft Email Compares Life At Google Vs. Microsoft
    Slashdot linked to a blog post that has an internal Microsoft email with a comparison of working at Google versus working at Microsoft. The email is an interview between an ex-Google employee who Microsoft hired. Here are my top hits from this email:…

  • Google Launches APIs For Custom Search Engine
    The Google Custom Search Engine blog announced the launch of the new APIs for Google Custom Search Engines. The new APIs enable you to better manage the linked CSE feature. In short, instead of you managing all the criteria on Google’s console, you can manage it via your own tool…

  • What To Do When Your Company Wikipedia Page Goes Bad
    It happens to many companies: their Wikipedia page evolves and starts reporting bad stats, inaccuracies, legal stories you thought were water under the bridge and more. Wikipedia is a web 2.0 success story, and almost always ranks on page one in Google search results for your brand. Anyone can…

  • SEMPO Opens Advanced Search Advertising Course
    SEMPO has now announced their third training course, the Advanced Search Advertising course is now live. Advanced Search Advertising consists of 13 lessons: An Evolving Opportunity, PPC Models, Keywords & Campaign, Copywriting for Ads, Bidding & Ranking, Landing Pages, Success Metrics, PPC Program Specifics, Reporting & Analytics, I.P. – Click…

  • YellowPages.com Testing Dramatically Improved Beta Site
    AT&T’s YellowPages.com, which was recently named the fastest growing Internet yellow pages site by comScore, has been testing a beta site with a dramatically improved design and user experience. Here’s the new beta site….

  • Apple iPhone Craze: A Search Volume Look
    Hitwise sent me some data on the search volume for the term “iPhone.” As many of you know, Apple is releasing the iPhone this Friday, and the press and craze over this product is unprecedented. Just take a glance at the coverage at Techmeme and you can see, the news…

  • Google AdSense Adds Corner Styles Format
    The Inside AdSense Blog announced that they have added corner styles as a method of customizing your AdSense ads. Corner styles currently come in three styles, the default square, slightly rounded, and rounded corners. Here are images of all three:…

  • MySpace TV To Compete With Google’s YouTube
    MySpace, Chasing YouTube, Upgrades Its Offerings from the New York Times reports that MySpace will be launching MySpace TV tomorrow, to better compete against Google’s YouTube. MySpace TV will be an independent site and will not require a user to have a MySpace ID. There will be integration between MySpace…

  • Tolles Replaced Skrenta As CEO Of Topix
    Chris Tolles announced that he would be taking over the roll of CEO at Topix. Rich Skrenta, the former CEO of Topix, will be a member of the board and an advisor. Why the change? Chris explains that Rich wasn’t having “as much fun” as he did in the past….

  • Marchex Simultaneously Launches 100K Local Search Sites
    If you can believe it, Marchex has simultaneously launched more than 100,000 local and vertical search sites representing over a billion pages. The move is probably unprecedented outside of a search index. In May of 2006 Marchex acquired local search site OpenList and has used its technology assets and methodology…

  • The In-House SEO Life Cycle
    Every in-house SEO program follows a typical life cycle that has for main phases: Courtship, Honeymoon, Reality and Synergy. The duration of time it takes to get from Courtship to Synergy varies with each company, and it can also very for each division within a company. Today’s in-house article…

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