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SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 1, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google: Click
    Fraud Is 0.02% Of Clicks

    Finally, we have a click fraud rate from Google itself: less than 0.02 percent
    of all clicks slip past its filters and are caught after advertisers request
    reviews. That low figure is sure to bring out the critics who will disagree.
    Below, more about how Google comes up with the…
  • Hard Data On
    Yahoo Panama From Avenue A | Razorfish

    Matt Greitzer and Chris Boggs of Avenue A/Razorfish have complied a report
    based on the experiences of 33 Avenue A | Razorfish since the release of
    Panama, Yahoo’s new search ad system. As you know, when Yahoo released the new
    algorithm, it changed the core foundation of how search ads…
  • Outside.in:
    Building The ‘Hyper-Local’ Internet

    The awkward phrase "hyper-local" is now embedded in the discussion about local
    search. It’s a phrase, for example, that online newspapers are using to
    describe their community strategies, and it’s a phrase that I may unwittingly
    have coined in 2005 (if I did, I apologize) to describe a category of…
  • Citysearch Buys

    VentureBeat is reporting that Citysearch/IAC is the mystery buyer of
    InsiderPages. A purchase price was not disclosed. The formal announcement will
    apparently come later today or early tomorrow [now confirmed, see below]. I
    would guess the purchase price wasn’t more than 2x what the investors put in
    (TechCrunch guesses $13…
  • Quintura
    Relaunches With New Interface

    Quintura recently relaunched with a new interface, which has been receiving a
    fair amount of comment. I originally wrote about the search engine back in
    November, and I was fairly lukewarm in my praise of it; while it was a nice
    idea, the interface held it back. Well, the relaunched…
  • Keane, Head Of
    Advertising Sales Strategy At Google Goes To CBS Interactive

    CBS Interactive has named Patrick Keane their new Executive Vice President and
    Chief Marketing Officer. Keane was previous Google’s Head Of Advertising Sales
    Strategy. He worked at Google for four years, where he was "responsible for
    developing and managing the strategic plans and relationships critical to
    growing Google’s advertising customer…
  • Good Cloaking,
    Evil Cloaking & Detection

    Is cloaking evil? It’s one of the most heavily debated topics in the SEO
    industry — and people often can’t even agree on what defines cloaking. In
    this column, I wanted to look at an example of what even the search engines
    might consider "good" cloaking, the middle-ground territory…
  • How Spotplex’s
    "Trafficracy" Could Beat Digg But Probably Won’t

    Will today’s launch of Spotplex be the beginning of the end for Digg? Probably
    not, but this new social media site might prove a more civilized "trafficracy"
    alternative to the mob democracy of Digg. For those seeking attention and
    traffic, Digg has long been the crowdsourcing 800lb gorilla. Unfortunately,
  • Here’s What’s
    Different About Being Small

    Last week’s Small is Beautiful column asked, "What’s So Different About Being
    Small?" The answer? Time. Money. Knowledge. Those are the three biggest
    challenges a small business must overcome to achieve search marketing success,
    and the three things that make small business search marketing unique. Many
    small businesses have…
  • Danny
    Sullivan’s Ad Age Column & Fast Company Debate

    I’ve been spreading the word about search in print recently and wanted to
    share more about that. At the end of January, I started doing a regular
    monthly column in Ad Age on search marketing. Meanwhile, this month I took
    part in a Fast Company debate about Google. For those…

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