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SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 13, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Viacom Sues
    Google For $1 Billion Over Unauthorized Videos

    Viacom in $1 bln copyright suit vs Google, YouTube from Reuters reports that
    Viacom Inc. has confirmed they will be suing Google over "massive intentional
    copyright infringement" for $1 billion. The lawsuit has been filed in the U.S.
    District Court for the Southern District of New York, after claiming "a…
  • Google Print &
    Radio Ads A Success All Around

    Newspapers and Radio Find Unlikely Ally in Google from Advertising Age shows
    how both advertisers and publishers are very happy with early tests from both
    Google’s Print Ads and Google’s Audio Ads. On the print side, the article
    shares quotes from the New York Times claiming Google Print ads have…
  • Wize Up For
    Better Product Reviews

    Although most retail commerce still takes place offline in brick and mortar
    stores, most people use the web to research products before buying. And
    product reviews, whether from professionals or consumers who’ve actually
    bought and used products, can be a big help in making the right decision (or
    avoiding a…
  • Report:
    Microsoft To Buy Tellme

    As previously rumored, Microsoft is apparently in talks to buy Tellme
    Networks, the voice services and automated directory assistance (DA) provider.
    TellMe has an enterprise business, which would be of value to Microsoft. But
    such an acquisition would immediately make Microsoft a potentially major
    player in the emerging ad-supported directory…
  • First Web
    Search Creator Works At Google, Puts Books On Earth Map

    The Inside Google Book Search Blog has a post from Matthew Gray about how he
    designed a program to plot the world based on the "frequency of its locations
    mentioned in books." Google Operating System adds that Matthew Gray was the
    creator of the first ever web search engine, The…
  • More Pictures
    Of Possible Google Phone?

    Garett Rogers spotted, as did Engadget, a forum post at MobileBurns with
    screen captures of a possible design for the Google Phone we have been
  • Google Stock
    Driven Up By "Put Options" Scam, Says SEC

    Indian Crime Ring Targeted Google in Online Fraud from Bloomberg reports that
    civil and criminal charges have been filed against three Indian citizens for
    allegedly manipulating Google’s stock price to make a profit….
  • Paid Search:
    New Column From Search Engine Land

    Our newest Search Engine Land column, Paid Search, launches today. As the
    title suggests, Paid Search will focus on issues and tactics for marketers
    using sponsored search listings. Today’s debut features Andrew Goodman with an
    entertaining riff called Paid Search Back-Checks, Slays Dragons, Asks for
    Little in Return….
  • Paid Search
    Back-Checks, Slays Dragons, Asks for Little in Return

    "Search isn’t sexy," claimed one Yahoo! exec at a recent Panama launch event.
    Poor guy. He must be working in paid search, like me. Because he’s flat wrong
    to say search in general isn’t sexy. Thinking in terms of myths and tales
    suitable to audiences of all ages, it’s…
  • 3 Ways Social
    Media Marketing Helps SEO

    In addition to being a great standalone marketing strategy, social media
    marketing is also widely used in concert with search engine optimization. One
    of the reasons social media marketing has been so widely adopted by those in
    the SEO industry is because of the dramatic impact that social media…
  • SEO: Real
    Skills That Can Protect Your Traffic

    Maybe SEO isn’t rocket science, but the wrong SEO decision (say knowing the
    difference between a 301 and a 302 redirect) could be costly. That’s
    illustrated in a Wall Street Journal article today on news search engine Topix
    and SEO issues in general. A look at that, revisiting Google’s webmaster…

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