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SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 6, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Dissecting
    Microsoft Slams At Google As Copyright Infringer

    Last October, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer gave us a taste of how Microsoft was
    going to position Google as a copyright leech. Today, Microsoft launched a
    full-out assault on the company. Google deserves some of this, no doubt. But
    the idea as Microsoft as some altruistic copyright savior deserves some
  • Google’s
    Schmidt At Tech Conference Talks On Mergers, Ads, Apple & Arrogance

    Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, spoke at the Morgan Stanley technology conference
    in San Francisco yesterday. Blogging Stocks has live coverage from Eric
    Schmidt’s speech and question and answer session. The four main points taken
    from his presentation were: Google Says Using Cash for Merger Spree Unlikely
    at PC Magazine explains…
  • More Google
    Phone Rumors

    Simeon Simeonov has an excellent write up on the recent Google Phone rumors
    that have been buzzing around the blogosphere over the past day or so. In
    short, the recent Google acquisitions and partnerships, coupled with the
    Google & Orange talks and Google & Samsung partnership, with some insider
  • Report: Google
    Gaining, But Baidu Still Dominates In China

    Reporting from the Fourth Annual Piper China Growth Conference, analyst Safa
    Rashtchy says that China-based search engine Baudi continues to dominate in
    market share for both organic and paid listings, but apparently Google’s
    increased investments in China are paying off. Baidu also believes the
    opportunity in Japan will be significant…
  • Google & Yahoo
    Execs Stay On $1 Salary

    There is this theme in the technology world where high-profile executives get
    an annual salary of $1. Apple’s Steve Jobs has been earning one dollar for
    years. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin
    earn $1 each, as well. Even, Yahoo’s CEO Terry Semel makes a…
  • Pandia Offers
    Custom Search For Search Information

    Pandia is offering a free custom search called the Search Engine Detective, a
    meta search engine which lets you do specialized searches for anything search
    engine related. Search Engine Detective give you two options: “All the best
    sites about search engines” searches a wide variety of sites and blogs on…
  • Buttons,
    Buttons, Everywhere – Site Owner, Beware!

    Placing social media buttons all over blogs and web sites has been a hot
    trend. Webmasters feel that adding these small buttons to their website will
    increase their social traffic. In some cases this is true, but in most it is
  • Meta Robots Tag
    101: Blocking Spiders, Cached Pages & More

    Last week, I covered a new command for the meta robots tag — one to prevent
    search engines from using Yahoo titles and descriptions. In doing that, a
    number of questions came up about the meta robots tag syntax itself. Google
    Webmaster Central has now posted "Using the robots meta…

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