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SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 9, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Revamped MyYahoo Launches Amid Intensifying Competition
    Read/WriteWeb has a good overview of the just yesterday relaunched (ahead of schedule) new, more ajaxified MyYahoo. There are a number of improvements and upgrades: * Pre-built personalized pages * Category pages for topics and “content suggestions” * Further customization of their page with drag-and-drop modules * Feed previews and…

  • Google Earth Super Zooms Are From Google Earth Featured Content
    Philipp Lenssen a couple days ago reported Super-Close Google Maps Zooms which got many people saying wow! Philipp discovered that these high-resolution images of camels, people, swimming pools and beach goers was actually from featured content in Google Earth, visible through Google Maps via hacked URLs. Google Sightseeing has a…

  • Former Microsoft Search Chief Bill Bliss On Early Search Missteps
    Yesterday I wrote a long piece looking at Microsoft’s moves in search since 1997. Bill Bliss, who I described as overseeing Microsoft’s "first era" of human-powered search, has added some great comments on missteps within the company ranging from not buying search technology earlier and ignoring the Google threat for…

  • Stealth Tour Of Google Audio’s Dallas Office
    The Natural Search Blog documented their undercover tour of a new Google office in Dallas, Texas – that appears to be the new home of the Google Audio group. Here are some of their findings: Small cube space Very short dividing walls Little privacy Most cubes are in 4 work…

  • Google Asked To Remove “Mount Hitler” From Google Maps
    Google Earth urged to remove “Mount Hitler” name from Reuters has the politics behind Mount Hitler on Google Maps from Google Blogoscoped, earlier this week. Basically, if you fly over the “foothills of the Alps region” in Google Earth, you will see “Mount Hitler” labeled on the map. Andreas Wiedemann,…

  • Nokia Jumps Into Mobile Ads With “Nokia Ad Service” Program
    Nokia announced they will be entering the mobile ad space with a program for advertisers, Nokia Ad Service, plus a “white label” Nokia Advertising Connector a program for others who want to run mobile ad programs. This move positions Nokia against other mobile ad providers, such as Google, Yahoo and…

  • UFO Crawler: The Truth Is Out There & Searchable
    IBM and Yahoo teamed up to bring to you UFOCrawler, a search engine that is about finding sources on “UFO Sightings, time travel, conspiracy theories and anomalies.” For example, a search on area 51 returns 7,904 sources, unfortunately some of the results do not look all that great. It is…

  • The Pros and Cons of Personalized Search
    In the past two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to talk to both Marissa Mayer and Matt Cutts about the impact of personalization at Google. While the initial storm following Google’s announcement seems to be dying down somewhat, the ripple effects can still be felt throughout the SEM industry….

  • Google Testing Showing Search Volume Numbers In AdWords Keyword Tool
    Google Keyword Tool Showing Number of Previous Month’s Searches from adamap.com shows a screen capture of Google showing actual numbers in search volume for the previous month for keywords. I logged into my AdWords account, and went to the keyword tool, typed in an example search – but I did…

  • Survival of the Nimble
    I bend but do not break. Those six words, penned by poet Jean de La Fontaine in 1668, describe one of the most important strengths of a small business: The ability to be flexible. This ability to react rapidly is one of the most important differences in small versus…

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