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Sphinn: Our Internet Marketing News Site & Discussion Forums Leave Beta

It’s official. Sphinn (we pronounce it like
"spin"), our social news and discussion site for internet marketing, is now out
of beta. OK — so the logo still says beta at the moment, but that will change
in a matter of hours.

Since we launched
back in July, we’ve been working out bugs and improving features. Not every bug
is gone, but things are stable enough that we decided to stop calling it a beta.
Nor are we done with development. We have a
wishlist of features that we’ll be
implementing over the coming months. We’ve also already
released a number of new features
since Sphinn launched.

Earlier this week, I
how we are now using Sphinn to handle comments for Search Engine
Land, so I hope readers are starting to try the site. If you only use it to
comment on our stories here on Search Engine Land, that’s fine. But there’s a
thriving community of over 3,500 people now at Sphinn, collectively voting up
hot stories, submitting
news items and discussions for
and doing a huge amount
of talking
within the site. Check it out!

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