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Sproose Adds Voting To Help Rank Video Search Results

Sproose announced the launch of a Digg-like element to their video search engine. Users can now vote on video results at Sproose, which will have a direct impact on the rank of those video search results.

The look is very similar to Digg, allowing users to click an “I like it” vote button, as well as make comments on the videos. Here are examples of how it works.

I performed a video search on legend and was presented with these results:

Sproose Video Search Voting

After registering, I clicked on the “I Like It” voting button and added a comment. Adding a comment opens a pop up AJAX box that looks like this:

Sproose Video Search Voting

A voted and commented on video search result, looks like this:

Sproose Video Search Voting

Bob Pack, CEO said:

Sproose offers users a really creative way of having the community improve upon algorithmic search for both video content and web results.

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