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What’s the deal with that big giant button? I wrote recently in The Blogs & Search Blogs With The Most Readers about a new list of search blogs ranked by the number of RSS readers they have. We’re at just under the 10,000 mark, which is great for a blog that’s less than five months old.

Still, I want more readers. In particular, a lofty goal. By the end of May, I want to break the 20,000 subscriber mark. Help us reach this goal! Take the feed! Tell a friend to take our feed. Tell whatever feed reader provider you use that we ought to be a default feed choice!

Need more help understanding our feeds? See this page, that explains how we actually have two — along with two email newsletters. The icon above is for our main feed that gives you everything we publish on the blog.

For those who will say you’d subscribe if we were full feed, my response remains as I said earlier this year. I’m still considering it. Strongly, and within a couple of month. FYI, we’re actually what I call a "mixed" feed, in that some shorter items go out full text, and the daily round-up post SearchCap also goes out full-text.

Want to accelerate that decision? Here’s my throw-down. If we hit 50,000 subscribers by the end of May, we’ll go to full-feed except for exceptionally long posts (readers know we can sometimes post really, really long articles. I want to test exactly what that does to our feed before I can commit fully to those types of posts).

Oh — like that big icon? Help yourself here. And if you like the "Subscribe!" idea, go for it. But give this post a hat-tip link if you’re inspired, maybe a mention people should take your feed and ours? Please?

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