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The "Is Google Too Powerful" Question Raised Once Again

Is Google Too Powerful? from BusinessWeek is a fresh look at an old topic on Google’s continued growth and power. A key part of the BusinessWeek’s article:

Googlezon, GoogleWorld, just plain Google—whatever you call it, it’s scaring the wits out of everyone from the power lunchers of Hollywood to Madison Avenue ad moguls to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Now, after years of hand-wringing and thumb-twiddling, some of them are pulling out the heavy artillery and firing one round after another on the Googleplex, the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Articles about whether Google is too powerful aren’t new. We’ve had them over the years, as Danny’s 14 “Is Google Evil?” Tipping Points Since 2001 explains.

Probably the main spark for the latest round of these “Is Google Too Powerful” articles that are beginning again is the Hollywood pushback against Google in the form of Viacom’s copyright lawsuit against YouTube and the NBC & News Corp “NewTube” video distribution network in the works.

Expect a lot of discussion from the blogosphere on this BusinessWeek write up. Track it over at Techmeme.com.

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