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Top 5 secrets your search bar is hiding

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Top 5 secrets your search bar is hiding

Your search bar is hiding secrets in plain sight. Do you know how to uncover them?

on July 5, 2022 at 7:00 am | Reading time: 2 minutes

Your search bar is your secret weapon. How can you help improve the site search experience when someone has landed on your site? What can you do to ensure that you’re meeting their needs while on your site?

Once you segment the types of visitors on your site – informational, search intentional, navigational and transactional – you’ll know what they want to get out of your site and improve their search experience. You’ll also get better insights into what you can accomplish with those individual visitors.

Join Jonathan Meyer, senior solutions engineer at Hawksearch by Bridgeline, as he reveals how to optimize your site and transform searches into sales in his informative SMX Advanced session. By breaking down the four types of search personas, you’ll better understand how to leverage your website’s architecture to serve your ideal client best while increasing your chances for brand loyalty. 

After this presentation, you’ll be able to break down your site into the key elements to drive conversion, direct traffic to precisely the right product for purchase and identify new opportunities to raise the value of every shopping cart.

Watch the session and learn how to improve customer trust by having resources available to deliver what your visitor is looking for.

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