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U.S. Soccer unifies the fan experience with Customer Data Platforms

Nothing brings people together like watching their national team compete on the world’s stage. The excitement unites a diverse set of fans, each with their own stories to be told.

In the martech world, a tool unites customer data just like fans at a national sporting event: a Customer Data Platform (CDP). A database often used by marketers and CX teams to ingest customer data from relevant platforms and channels, CDPs provide a single, unified view of your customer.

The U.S. Soccer Federation was looking for a solution to revamp its antiquated digital infrastructure, including an outdated website, lack of mobile app and plenty of tedious, manual tasks to keep track of customer data. Before investing in Treasure Data’s CDP solution, U.S. Soccer mapped out three business challenges:

  1. Create a mobile-first experience, including a robust, personalized mobile app and tailor its website for mobile device traffic.
  2. Achieve a 360-view of the customer and keep that data in one place to ensure each customer has their own ID/profile for business intelligence and personalized marketing campaigns.
  3. Create an infrastructure that scales. As a small organization with millions of fans, U.S. Soccer needed the technology to deliver personalized but automated campaigns, including:
    • Tracking account status (active, lapsed, renewal date, upgrade amount, etc.)
    • Creating a digital hub for users to manage their account
    • Building journey orchestration and personalization

To learn more about why U.S. Soccer decided to invest in Treasure Data’s CDP to address the above challenges and more, join Ross Moses, senior director of analytics and insights at U.S. Soccer Federation, and J.T. Wash, senior account executive at Treasure Data, in their informative MarTech session.

This exciting, data-rich case study highlights how U.S. Soccer improved its fan experience and increased member loyalty by creating a unified view of its customer journey.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how a CDP can help you optimize your marketing efforts
  • Identify opportunities in your business to increase LTV and customer loyalty
  • Create a unification strategy that breaks down data silos and drives meaningful insights about your customers

Register and attend the session here and learn how to drive relevant, real-time customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey with a CDP.

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