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Use Microsoft Live Search & Microsoft With Donate To Charity

I am not really sure what to think of the most recent Live Search blog post that says, Use Live Search and We’ll Donate to Team Seattle and Ninemillion.org. If you search at http://teamseattle.live.com/, Microsoft will donate $1 to Team Seattle’s Seattle’s Children’s Hospital fund. Each time you search at http://teamseattle.live.com/, Microsoft will donate $1, but it has to be at http://teamseattle.live.com/. In addition, if you search at http://click4thecause.live.com/, Microsoft will “contribute to ninemillion.org, a UN agency-led campaign providing education and sports programs for the nine million refugee youth around the world.” The specific amount of that contribution was not disclosed or immediately found.

Team Seattle Fine Print Reads:
* For each search originated from this page between January 8th, 2007, and January 29th, 2007, Microsoft will contribute $1.00 to Children’s Hospital on behalf of Team Seattle, up to $25,000. If the maximum contribution of $25,000 is achieved prior to January 29th, 2007, this page will be updated to notify you of the program status. Thank you for your participation!

Click For The Cause Fine Print Reads:
* For every search performed from this page between January 17 and March 31, 2007, Microsoft will make a contribution to ninemillion.org. All contributions will benefit ninemillion.org to support educational programs for refugee youth.

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