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Utah Says Oops About Law Regulating Trademarks & Search Ads

High-Tech Execs Meet With Lawmakers Over Web Search Keyword Law
from the
Associated Press covers how Utah might not enforce its new law banning ads
linked to trademark terms. The law is set to go into effect today.

We covered
various issues with the law earlier this month. Now Utah lawmakers appear to
understand better some of the challenges after talking with Google, eBay, AOL,
Yahoo and Overstock. From the article:

"I wish we had had this interaction with industry 60 days ago," Utah House
Majority Leader Dave Clark, R-Santa Clara, said. "We would have all been better

Yeah, you think? Would it be too much to have expected Utah lawmakers to have
that type of interaction before they pass laws like this, especially when Utah’s
own state attorney warned of potential problems?

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