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Where's The Date In SearchCap Emails?

I’ve had a couple readers ask me why the emails we send out for SearchCap
don’t carry the date in the subject line. The answer is simple. Because we
can’t. Not right now. But we will in the coming weeks, promise.

SearchCap is mailed out through
. They have a great
system that
automatically sends out your posts via email, to those who sign-up. Make a post,
and later in the day they flawlessly turn that into an email newsletter.

The problem is that the mailings don’t use the title of the post. If they
did, you’d be getting subject lines from us that match our post titles like:

Instead, it just says SearchCap. Part of this is because the system is
designed to send out any number of posts form a particular feed or blog each
day, not really to send out individual posts. We’ve rigged it to kind of work
this way because we generally send only one post to the SearchCap list on

In a few weeks, we’ll be moving SearchCap to our own internal system, so that
it is easier for us to manage plus easier for people to subscribe, unsubscribe
and so on. Hang in there!

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