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Who Called On Your Ads? Google AdWords May Provide Phone Bill Like Records

Click Quality Council Holds First Steering Committee Meeting from Search Engine Watch reports on a recent Click Quality Council Steering Committee meeting where Google’s Shmuman Ghosemajumder said that Google is considering offering a “phone bill-like” AdWords invoice to all advertisers.

Frank Watson reported that the Click Quality Council Steering Committee meeting had over 20 attendees, including Shmuman Ghosemajumder, Business Product Manager for Trust and Safety at Google, and Erica DeLorenzo, Director of Industry Practices at IAB.

Google is working with the IAB to create standards that are trusted and reliable. Part of this is more visibility in the clicks and impressions advertisers are seeing on their ads, hence the “phone bill-like” AdWords invoice.

I am currently seeking more information from Google on this phone bill-like invoice.

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