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Yahoo To Build "Brand Universe" To Connect Entertainment Brands

Yahoo Planning to Add 100 Web Sites for Entertainment at the New York Times reports that Yahoo is undertaking a new microsite effort named “Brand Universe.”

Brand Universe will create about 100 web sites built around entertainment brands and pull together content from various Yahoo properties. One such site for the Nintendo Wii can be seen here, which pulls in Flickr photos, links from Delicious, content from Yahoo Answers and more.

Yahoo sees the effort as a way to “connect the dots” of content from various brands in its various properties.

Yahoo views the effort as a way to track the brands “appeal” within Yahoo’s vast user network, and share the data with the brands — as well as possibly ad revenue. However, the company is not seeking permission from brand owners before building these sites. Instead, it says it won’t proceed with them if brand owners object.

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