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Yahoo To Build New Keyword Research Tool & Wordtracker Launches Free Tool

There have been recent reports that the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool has been sporadically offline.

In response to those reports, Yahoo issued a statement telling us that the Overture tool has been getting hit hard by users but will “continue to exist until we replace it with an improved product.” The new tool is expected to be released “later this year” and will support an API and be found within the new Yahoo Search Marketing area.

Since we don’t have a free tool from Yahoo that is reliable at the moment, Aaron Wall informs us that Wordtracker released a new free keyword tool at http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/. The tool reports keyword suggestions, of up to a 100 related keywords, with search volume data.

Here is the full statement posted at both WebmasterWorld (a similar one is at Digital Point:

I wanted to confirm that YSM’s public keyword research tool (formerly known as the Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool- KST) continues to exist today and will continue to exist until we replace it with an improved product. Unfortunately, the responsiveness of this free tool is diminished due to the volume of hits it receives each day, therefore browsers may time out and error pages may appear but it doesn’t mean that this tool has been removed. We do have plans to offer a new public keyword research tool, which would be hosted through Yahoo! and available to our API partners. We plan on making this new tool available later this year.

If you are an advertiser, I’d suggest using the keyword research tool within our platform (the old or new one).

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