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Your Guide To Countries That Have Banned YouTube

YouTube Censored
With Thailand and Turkey both yet again seeking to block YouTube, we thought it would be
useful to recap the growing list of countries that have objected to content on
the service. We’re focusing on national governments that have taken action to
block content on YouTube from being accessible countrywide.


In January 2007, YouTube was
when a judge ordered a video of Daniela Cicarelli
and boyfriend having sex in on a public beach be removed. Because it kept
getting uploaded, all of YouTube was blocked. Access was later restored, and
Had Sex On A Beach?
That Ain’t Private, Brazilian Judge Tells Cicarelli In YouTube Case
how Cicarelli later lost her case.


In December 2006, YouTube found itself blocked
apparently for providing access to Iranian pop music.


In May 2007, Morocco
blocked YouTube
for no apparent reason, though it may have been over videos critical of
Morocco’s king.


In April 2007, Thailand
blocked YouTube
for five months (until August 2007) over a video deemed insulting to its king.

came out that Thailand again is upset with YouTube, this time seeking
to block the "The Crisis Of Siam" video (part one,
part two) that
accuses the chief royal adviser of being
behind last year’s coup.


In March 2007, Turkey
blocked YouTube
over a video deemed insulting to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,
the founder of modern Turkey. In September 2007, a court

that YouTube be blocked again over the same issue.


In August 2007, Syria blocked YouTube over a video that showed Syria’s First Lady waving a farewell as her dress is caught by wind and blown up.

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