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YouTube Tests New Video Player

Screenshots of YouTube’s New Player from Google Operating System shows a new YouTube player being tested to “improve the way you interact with videos and will create a cinematic experience” says Ionut Alex. Chitu.

Here are some of the new features in the YouTube player:

  • You can jump to any part of the video, even if it has not yet downloaded that part
  • You can see thumbnails of around ten related videos before the video ends and they are shown as a Mac OS X genie type of effect at the bottom of the video
  • A menu button gives you easy access to copy the code to embed the video in your site or copy the URL
  • The new player is visible on Facebook and orkut if you embed your video’s there.

Here are screen shots of a video I have upload to Orkut to view the new player:

Google's YouTube - New Player
Google's YouTube - New Player

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