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YouTube to automatically link to places mentioned in videos

YouTube is launching a new link format within the video description box that provides “an easy and visual way for viewers to learn about locations mentioned” in the video, the company announced via its Creator Insider channel. Named “Places Mentioned,” this feature will be visible on the mobile app for iOS and Android for food and drinks videos where YouTube can detect places. The company has not released a timeline for the rollout or stated whether Places Mentioned will expand to more video categories.

Why we care

Until now, the only way to add information about a location mentioned in a video was to manually add a text link. Automatic detection and link creation for places that are mentioned will decrease some of the legwork for content creators in the food and restaurant vertical.

By default, the video description box is minimized in the YouTube app — users must expand it to view the description, which may undermine some of the benefits of adding links to the description. YouTube said that Places Mentioned will give viewers an engaging way to learn more about places in the video, but the company has not released screenshots of what the feature will look like or how it will work given the current description box setup.

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